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On election eve. What are the odds? Dorothy of Dorothy Duck Photography was walking by. Thank you for helping me out.
Just one more door…

Election eve, I got home after nightfall, satisfied we did everything possible for a strong Green presence and visibility in the short 36 days of this election campaign.

The Green Team…

Always positive, enthusiastic and inspiring. Great communicators, logistics collaboration and on the ground throughout our communities.

Our Coordinators, veterans and new volunteers. On the phones, door to door, waving signs, nominations, planting and picking up signs, setting up town halls, creating collateral, repurposing signs, and a list of tasks and details that goes on.

You all helped lay down a solid foundation for the next election.

Youth, it’s their future…

I want to engage our youth in a big way. Thank you to the students at Humphrey Public School for our virtual meeting about “interconnectedness” and for those who reached out for guidance to get involved. I’m here for you.

Our Provincial Green support…

Thank you Matt Richter (Provincial Green Candidate)and Mike Shreiner (Ontario Green MPP) for energizing our Green Town Hall, while Matt also hit the bricks to help get our Green message out.

Extra points for Matt, he has chickens.

And Arleigh Luckett – Campaign Manager.

Arleigh you are a gem. Master of resourcefulness, keeping me on task with what was a federal election boot camp. Fielding the incredible flurry of media requests and sometimes seemingly impossible schedule. Always the calm in the storm.

Thank you everyone for your patience, experience and kindness.

Thank you Frank de Jong the Official Agent who will help us wrap up this campaign so we can have a fresh start on our next run.

And you…

To the citizens of this riding. More of you now know who I am. I am always open to come meet with you, your friends and neighbours. We can start that conversation now. I love to travel our riding! Reach out anytime.

Everyone, take a bow.

Thank you hardly conveys my gratitude.

Best regards, Marc

And thank you Bob Beach.

Congratulations Scott

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