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Do I have to?

Responsive Mobile DesignResponsive Design and Awesome Support

Because we use the most popular website management platform on the planet, that means that developers are working on it constantly to ensure it looks great on all kinds of common and new devices.  Smart phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets, laptops and desktops too. Then it has to look great on mainstream browsers for those devices. Awesome support!

Not  good enough, there’s more…

Sites still have to be custom configured and the web developer has to understand how “responsive” designs flow when they render on a phone, versus laptop for example. So we still do thousands of on the fly spot checks to be sure the site platform developers are on their toes.

It’s really cool how we collaborate globally and support each other.

 Marc Mantha cross browser cross platform testing

What is UX? Why does it matter?

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets drive responsive designs that make sure a site resizes for vertical scrolling of a website’s elements like the header, menu, main body elements, sidebars and footers all flow in a sequence that makes sense to your clients and customers and according to best practices for site UX (User Experience).

Build on a Solid Foundation

This all means that your website’s foundation has been and continues to be vigorously tested. This helps to better avoid frustrations of an important browser failing to display your site correctly.

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