Facebook Market Share Social Media Statistics

The Facebook Behemoth!

No other social media compares to the facebook market share.

Perspective, let’s paint a picture with some recent statistics of facebook market share and other popular social media platforms.

  • Population of the planet is 7.4 billion
  • Worldwide internet users is 3.17 billion
  • Active Facebook users 1.59 billion

Facebook Market Share Social Media Statistics

YouTube holds a strong second place, but after that it’s a small potatoes.

I thought that twitter would have been a close second, but it in fourth place after reddit.

If you were to drill the analysis down in more detail, and not just numerical, some of the smaller social media market share holders would have uniqueness and value to the communities and users they draw in and support.

Facebook is the world’s largest demographics, market insights and trends database on the planet. It has maintained a consistent and steady growth year over year.

About the Social Media Market Share Statistics

  • As of the fourth quarter 2015, Facebook active users that have logged in during the last 30 days.
  • The Global Population estimated for March 2016.
  • The Worldwide Internet Users is the most recent reported period estimate for April 2016.


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