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Logos Have Evolved For Over A Century


Coca Cola aka Coke

Coca Cola is long standing brand, well over a century old. One of the big brand icons of all time.  Further down are more global brand logo evolutions.

Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Coca-Cola aka Coke

It’s a myth that a logo should never change. A logo is not set in stone.

Global brand icons have always changed. Your products and services evolve with your community and the market sphere you play in.

A logo needs to go through transitions from time to time. Whenever a logo maturation occurs, it’s not taken lightly. Maturation happens gradually, over time to best ensure a brand remains relevant and articulates the values that the  products or services stand for.

Take a look at these brands, some more than a century old, some not so aged. They all have one thing in common.

Their logos have all matured.



Apple Computers’ logo wasn’t quite what you might have expected back in 1976, but they did stay true the famous image of the apple with a bite out of it since 1977.

Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Apple



Like Coca Cola, Pepsi rivals as another classic brand that defined the soft drinks industry. Today both are much more than just soft drinks.

 Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Pepsi



Shell certainly had humble beginnings with it’s first logo around 1900. Since 1948 the brand goes through more subtle iterations leading to its current distinction amongst some the worlds most recognizable brand icons.

 Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Shell



Walmart is world’s global retail powerhouse. A kind of western feel to its logo in the sixties, but it grows into a more polished brand icon after the eighties.

 Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Walmart



A great brand that has achieved having a simple shape known the planet over. The Swoosh!

Logo Evolution and Brand Maturation Nike

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