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The Visual Language For Your Business

Does your marketing collateral inspire confidence or does it look like your nephew had some spare time?

Marc Mantha Media NuVoxx Corporate Identity and Branding RevampAny marketing collateral can be refreshed, or does your brand need a complete makeover?

NuVoxx revised all of their key marketing collateral so that the brand message was consistent. The logo also matured to a fresh confident corporate style. This brand renewal project received great feedback from clients and competitors alike.


Inspire Confidence

Graphic design concepts and creative website development are the first impression. Custom graphics, web layouts and color choices are a language that articulate and define your business, your brand.


“Your brand isn’t just a part of your business, it is your business.”

You’re open to a world of potential clients and when your business personality breaks through all the clutter, you advance your opportunities to grow and rise above the market noise. We get to know you, your business and marketing landscape to develop and articulate the values that represent how your customers feel about your products and services.


Branding & Design Considerations

Some of the key corporate branding and design considerations are color theory, typography, composition and layout, custom imagery and graphics, and photography. This is the personality of your brand, your business and your community.


Marc Mantha Media Global Logo MaturationOur Logo Maturation Process

Every logo has value and the brands of the biggest and oldest corporations on the planet have all evolved over time.

It’s rarely about completely changing a logo and a brand, it’s about maintaining it’s strengths and building on what it means “today”.

Every brand and logo maturation process is unique. Explore the possibilities of taking a second look at your corporate identity.


Marketing Collateral Check List

  • Logo and Tagline
  • Website
  • Brochure(s)
  • Trade Show Signage
  • Business Cards
  • Product/Service Sell Sheets
  • PowerPoint template
  • Email Promotions
  • Direct Mail Promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Billboard Graphics

Take your business to the next level. We know our stuff.

Is it time to take your brand up a notch?