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Marc Mantha Candidate for Councillor Gravenhurst 2022

Marc’s attendance in 2018 for Council, Committee and Board of Directors meetings exceeded Terry Pilger’s attendance by more than 3 to 1.

In 2018, Marc succeeded in a first run nearly beating an incumbent. That’s rare.

Most importantly, Marc Mantha chose to run “a clean, honest” campaign that seasoned locals are talking about. It would have taken a mear 70 vote conversion to change the outcome.

Marc-Mantha-2018_run-with-me-webChange. That’s what you want.

I won’t say “See you in 2022″ because I don’t show up only in the election year. I show up all the time. So see you in 2019, 2020 and 2021 too!

I’m Marc Mantha. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about some of the things that matter most.

I live in Ryde, a community of Gravenhurst, full time on a side road off of Housey’s Rapids Road called Ruttan’s Road. I had property there for some years and decided to make Ryde my permanent home. I designed and built my home using local trades and local materials. I promote my community by spending my dollars in it. Buy local, it makes sense.

Here in  Gravenhurst, in my community of Ryde (Ward 4), I’m a relentless booster, active member and volunteer with the Ryde Community Co-op. The Ryde Co-op is a shining example of community collaboration and support for one another. As your Councillor, I will do everything to ensure we continue to flourish.

I am also an official Gravenhurst Community Ambassador with the Town to promote business and investment. Community service is a long standing tradition in the Mantha family. I’m very involved in my community in many ways!

Like you, I’m most interested in value for my tax dollars. I have managed budgets about the same size as the town’s revenue, so I bring valuable experience and new kinds of questions to the town table. Having some “new” councillors, with relevant experience helps keep your council vibrant and fresh with new possibilities.

Gravenhurst’s Town Council is poised for some change.

Most importantly, the environment and ecology are top of mind here. I’m very much in tune with issues specific to our community and I’m no stranger to town hall proceedings. I attend all council, committee and Board of Directors meetings. If there’s anything you want known, tell me so we can work on it.

I respond promptly and am hard working.

You deserve that.

Thank you for your kind considerations.

Best regards,


gravenhurst-steamships-marc-manthaWhy Marc Mantha is a “Lake Sensitive Candidate”.

You should not hesitate to consider me as a Lake Sensitive Candidate in Ryde.

Here’s why…

Marc Mantha was the only candidate from Gravenhurst who attended the “Save Muskoka” Boat Rally in 2018. I reviewed the plans for the high density development in question on Lake Rosseau to get a deeper understanding for what was similarly planned on a smaller scale in Gravenhurst. I even got into a kayak to get a first hand view of the shoreline to consider what “could have been” the Moody Bay high density development on our own Gull Lake. I also attended the meeting that defeated the Moody Bay project.

The Gravenhurst area lake associations did a great job rallying the public. That’s true local democracy.

The Gravenhurst area lake associations were not aware of what I did after my candidate interview with them, so they did not know how quickly I can get up to speed and involved with any issue.

That includes issues in Ryde with your lake and association too – misuse of public docks, shoreline preservation and lake ecology to name a few. We have work to do.

You should not hesitate to consider me as your Ryde Lake Sensitive Candidate.

I just needed to clarify my own actions for you to consider.

Actions speak. That’s my language.

It will help if you could share this with any of your friends who are members of any lake associations in Ryde, including Kahshe Lake.

I’m a big fan of fairness and clarity.






The municipal election is from October 12 through to October 22.

You can vote by phone, internet and polling stations. You will be notified by mail with instructions on how to vote by phone and internet.

To see if you are eligible to vote go to this link


How does a candidate have a platform when they are one vote at the table?

It requires collaboration with council colleagues.

A councillor can only get an understanding of what constituents concerns are by going out into the community and engaging with them.

I’m also well known at town hall proceedings having attended more meetings (Council, Committee and B.O.D. of the town) than any other councillor.

Here are some of key issues I’ve come to know by immersing myself in the community:

  • The Ryde Community Co-op will always be a “growing” concern with my full support.
  • Protecting environment and ecology.
  • The rate at which property taxes have risen in recent years.
  • Furthering economic development.
  • Creating more attainable, affordable housing.
  • Having a “Ready” housing supply for employees of potential new business locating and investing in Gravenhurst.
  • Adding local healthcare, a high quality walk-in clinic.
  • Concerns about airport expansion related to noise levels over Ryde.
  • Road maintenance and plowing.
  • The redevelopment plan of the Memorial Centre and negotiating with the new government.
  • Fiscal responsibility and transparency.
  • Reserve funds management, debt repayment and preparing for balloon payments.
  • Review the Official Plan and with regards to lake ecology and high density development.
  • Shoreline preservation and protecting water quality. Proactive measures to avoid clearcutting up to shore lines and remediation of problem sites.
  • Public transportation.
  • Public docks misuse, maintenance of,  and garbage disposal at dock sites.
  • Review of the Capital Budget and Multi Year Plan.
  • Boosting winter season tourism and business. Most small storefront owners can’t cover expenses for the winter season.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but a summary of some key issues facing our town.

Marc Mantha Councillor Candidate Poster