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    Marc Mantha Community Leadership

    For five years, I attended more meetings than the Mayor and any Councillors of the Town of Gravenhurst. That would include all Town Committees and the Library Board of Directors. I know good governance, town budgeting and planning. This extensive experience gave me insights into community groups, our lake, cottager and ratepayer associations. The challenges to satisfy taxpayers in getting a good return and value on their property taxes, development charges and fees. Where are now in a new era of accelerated development, fewer independent businesses, pressures on our environment that sustains us, and the crisis issues that have become election talking points on rewind.

    Expreience and Community Leadership

    Marc Mantha …

    A long time ago, after I discovered Gravenhurst, I made it a regular destination for all the natural beauty it had to offer. I loved these great outdoors and four seasons. Knowing I can get a great diner breakfast or fine dining after a day on lake or trails. Of course hanging out on the docks of lake Muskoka with friends and neighbours. I purchased land from one of our multi generational families that I held onto and enjoyed for years. Then one day I decided to build my home there.

    My home build is nearly 100% local. Supporting local businesses and trades for materials and services and keeping my footprint on that land smaller than any limitations prescribed by the municipality. That’s what worked for me.

    I built a career in management starting out but grew into business development with what was the largest retailer in the country at the time. I would become an executive with the Hudson’s Bay Company within 6 years. Budgeting tens of millions, Buying, Analysis, Forecasting, Logistics, Productivity. Negotiating, Building Relationships with local, national and international partners. I’m well versed and comfortable with municipal budgets.

    I was granted a scholarship to attend the Rotman School of Business in Toronto to earn a certificate in Governance. The teaching masters were some of the same consultants that served the Métis Nation of Ontario to further quality governance.

    My heart is local. I would join the Ryde Community Co-op Board of Directors as President. A great anomaly 100% powered by volunteers that grows and evolves every year and stepped up during the pandemic for our community well being on may levels such as mental and social health, and food security for our most vulnerable. Later elected  as President of the Moon River Métis, a community council of the Métis Nation of Ontario.

    During the pandemic I rallied and coordinated various organization to delivered food to doorsteps of vulnerable seniors and struggling families throughout Muskoka and Parry Sound.

    Community Roles :

    • President Ryde Community Co-op
    • Winter Carnival Committee
    • President Moon River Métis Council
    • Attendance to all Town Council meetings for five years.
    • Attendance to all Committee meetings for the Town for five years.
    • Pandemic food support throughout  Muskoka and Parry Sound

    We have it all. Muskoka is my home.

    Sunny Lake, Gravenhurst. One of many charming lakes throughout Muskoka. So many beautiful landscapes and waters to enjoy, discover. While we grow, we need foster good planning at the same time.

    Marc Mantha for President Moon River Métis

    We are a diverse community. From all walks of life, nations within a nation, celebrating traditions and cultures. With the many multi generational families. Some younger families with ties here are returning. And the pressures on development are growing.

    Purpose and People over Politics.

    “Catch people doing things right.”

    ~ Marc Mantha