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If you’re interested in what I’m doing in my community,

please friend me on facebook.

Facebook link to Marc Mantha

Thank you from
Election Day at the Blood Donor Clinic

Thank you.

To you, the citizens of Gravenhurst, thank you for voting in the municipal election and engaging in our local democracy.
Congratulations to all the Candidates who put themselves out there to lead our community. We have nine very passionate and talented individuals to lead us into this next term of council, so full of possibilities and opportunity.
Congratulations Mayor Heidi Lorenz. The community looks forward to collaborating with you, the Council Team and the Town of Gravenhurst Staff, Management and Executive.
To all of you who ran. Stay involved. There is so much you can accomplish as engaged citizens in our community! You are just as vital to our future and reaching our full potential.
Thank you Gravenhurst.
We have everything it takes to move us all forward.
I’m here to help.
Best regards, Marc Mantha
“Catch people doing things right.”

Thank you for your support in my run for Mayor of Gravenhurst 2022.

Marc Mantha for Mayor of Gravenhurst

Experience and Community Leadership.

We are community.

  • Experience matters! Marc Mantha has spent thousands of hours following the workings and decision making involved with Council and its Committees, as well as the happenings at the District level.

  • The only candidate who has successfully managed, forecasted and budgeted million of dollars. And who can dive into the details of the budget in your interest as a taxpayer. I like taxpayer value. 

  • President, dedicated to the success of the Ryde Community Co-op Inc. A not for profit collaborating with all levels of government.
  • Build relationships and goodwill. Such as meeting with the Mayors of Muskoka to discuss our issues and greater potential.
  • Governance Program Certificate – Institute of Corporate Directors and University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.
  • Integrity in governing matters! Public meeting and workshop with the District of Muskoka Integrity Commissioner.
  • Town of Gravenhurst and District of Muskoka Climate Action Commitments. Are we on the way to meeting our goals?
  • Leadership is by example. Working in the community with support agencies in Gravenhurst, throughout Muskoka and Indigenous communities.
  • Stabilize our local workforce with an affordable housing plan that works. Stop Trades, Service Sector and Professionals from leaving!
  • Local access to more healthcare, mental health services. Improve support for seniors, families, and caretakers.
  • Environment is everything. To all Lake and Cottager Associations, Conservancies, and like organizations, reach out, I will be there. We have the most incredible lakes and landscapes in the world!

Expreience and Community Leadership

About Marc Mantha

Born and raised in the beautiful landscapes of Northern Ontario, I moved to Toronto for my career in Retail Business Management, Development and Business Analysis. I was attracted to the challenges other executives ran from and solved challenging problems to develop business and make failing business profitable.

During this time I was always coming to Gravenhurst for as long as I can remember for what believed to by the most extraordinary lakes and landscapes in the world. I had purchased some land from one of the long standing locals and found myself there at every opportunity. Eventually, I moved into the town of Gravenhurst as a permanent resident and decided to make this my home. I designed and built my own home using local trades and materials to support the businesses of my friends and neighbours. I joined the ranks of the town’s volunteers and would become the President of the Ryde Community Co-op Inc. Dedicated to the well being of our community.

I became deeply involved in municipal affairs of the town and immersed in community leadership with local support groups like the Ryde Community Co-op, G.A.P., Feed It Forward and other district community support organizations.


If you’re interested in what I’m doing in my community,

please friend me on facebook.

Facebook link to Marc Mantha

“Catch people doing things right.” ~ Marc Mantha