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The Meatapalooza 2016 T Shirts Are Here!

Meatapalooza T Shirts Buy OnlineJoin us this year at the Annual Meatapalooza to celebrate the discovery of fire and Guinness.

Official Meatwear T Shirts

Only $44

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge.

Hurry, order yours now!

Meatapalooza event tips…

  • Event pre-eating is not recommended.
  • A light melba toast breakfast is the only other recommended meal the day of the Meatapalooza.
  • Strict security. Vegetables are prohibited.
  • Take our free online Pre-Meatapalooza course “Pacing Your Carne Consumption to Survive Meatapalooza”.

Meatapalooza T Shirts for 2016

We eat vegetarians. They’re lean like veal. 

Pick your T Shirt Size and Buy Now.

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