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Engineered for SEO Success!

Are You On The Planet Earth Business Directory?

Every web site gets indexed (listed) by Search Engines. Your website will also be peppered with enhanced SEOness.

Search Engines are how consumers find, research and connect with products and services they grow to love.


SEO Tools Make Your Site Google-ishcious!

A Google Adwords Campaign isn’t always in the budget for budding businesses.

That doesn’t mean you’re opting out necessarily. Using best practices to ensure you site is indexed and site mapped properly combined with relevant content still goes a long way. That’s not an extra for you, it’s a standard you can expect.


And Then, SEM – Search Engine Marketing

OK, so now you’re all in. Not only are you optimized for SEO, but you’re going to go after the even bigger advantage.

What is the difference between SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SEM – Search Engine Marketing?

After we’ve designed or revamped your site, at this stage it’s been optimized to give it the best opportunity to compete in ranking through good site architecture, relevant content and implementing all the web tools your web design needs to attract the attention of a search engine.

Search Engine Marketing¬†on the other hand is advertising through various search engine marketing platforms like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter to name a few. SEM is way of rising above competition for ranking and going straight to the relevant keywords and more successful “keyword phrase” parameters you set.


Measure and Re-target for the Bulls-eye

Google AdWords is a popular web marketing vehicle. Results can be reviewed to see what was effective and what was a miss. On a pay-per-click campaign for example, you’ll know exactly what gets a click and what doesn’t and the good news is you pay for what works. You can home in on what works and sharpen up your next campaign.

Even though you will get clicks through to your site, you still need a compelling web presence and creative “calls to action” to convert those clicks into purchases, service requests and new contacts.

Turning “click throughs” into customers are called “conversions”.
Conversions are home runs. Bases loaded don’t go on the scoreboard.


Social Media and Search Engines

Integrating social media like Facebook and Twitter just to name a few, makes sense for most any major business with few exceptions. You’re just as likely to get your Facebook Page or Twitter Feed to show up on Google and other search engines as your website’s landing page. Getting more “impressions”, as we say in the advertising business, is great.

Let’s find out weather or not social media integration makes sense for you. And if you’re already in, let’s make it work to the mutual advantage of your business and your customer.

It’s all the tip of the big SEO iceberg.