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When The Other Agency Can’t Do A Back Flip


Marc Mantha Media has served to promote the success of businesses and their brands across the United States and Canada.


A sampling of the hundreds of organizations Marc Mantha has collaborated with -


Antiphony Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientA header graphic is an important highlight. Antiphony asked us for something to express what their tactile business consulting was all about with some omph! They let us run with it.  We came up with some creative composites and imaginative editing making a commentary on how competitive business is today. It was right on the money. They loved it.


NMG Direct Link Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientDirect Link of the Newmarket Group aka NMG is a Canadian foodservice industry market share reporting & syndicated research company that wanted to create a branded national newsletter to communicate trends and statistics – in French and English. The challenge was to present the data with clarity in a creative and interesting way.


EdgeStone Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientWe created the covers for EdgeStone Capital Partners’ annual investor conferences for years. We’d also create numerous invitations for their regular social events and custom corporate holiday cards. Graphic designs often included custom photography by Marc Mantha Media. Yes, professional photography services too!


InfoLogix Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientServices including – flash banners, animations, sell sheets, graphic designs, product photo editing, posters, trade show banners, PowerPoint presentations, logo maturation, email promos, brochures and more. Marketing 911s and working to 4 am while the other agency was snug in their beds? Acquired by Stanley Healthcare – they became a client too!


Lianos Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientLianos is a high quality renovation, construction and interior design company. This project really was “the works”. Complete site design, a list of finished construction projects to photograph, edit and create a story for each project. The client was very involved in the story telling and the Lianos clients where thrilled to see their homes featured on the web site.


NuVoxx Logo a Marc Mantha Media ClientPower up my brand please! Revamped all marketing collateral with logo maturation. A “fresh” look with a brand consistency objective. New designs, graphics, business cards, brochure, web site graphics, trade show signs PowerPoint presentation template.


SickKids Logo Fundraiser by Marc Mantha MediaGreat fundraiser! Designed the broadcast package for the email blast, direct mailing and RSVP with an overwhelming response. Sandra Cowan and  her team raised over $100,000 for the one day event.  SickKids is a world famous paediatric hospital in Toronto.


Stanley Healthcare Solutions a Marc Mantha Media ClientStanley Healthcare Solutions needed to express all of the extensive services they provided. The challenge was, how do you present such an extensive list of healthcare technology services without overwhelming prospective customers? We created a 3d hospital floor plan that presented all of their key services in a 20 second animation. Tada!


Winola Lake Healthcare Solutions a Marc Mantha Media ClientPromotional event invitation by direct mail and email, Marc Mantha Media developed brand elements to expound on Winola Lakes’s strengths – an “umbrella” of solutions. We helped to better communicate the breadth of healthcare services with cool brochure. Then product sheet revamps, trade show flash banners and a numerous other marketing services.

Don’t be shy. Please request to talk directly to any of our clients.

Our clients tell us they like the quality of our creative services and are impressed with our responsiveness. It’s not out of the ordinary to get an occasional “SOS” from a CEO, VP or Director for an urgent turnaround. Just help us with the same quality we always expect because our other agency is snug in their beds…

… and that’s when Marc Mantha is doing back flips.