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Let us welcome in a New Era of Leadership and Métis Prosperity.

Voting starts on April 8th to May 6th

Please reach out if you need assistance.

Taanishi, it’s our time!

Vote Marc Mantha PCMNO Region 7 Councillor.

Please join me as we move into a new era of Transparent Communication, Collaboration and Prosperity like never before. Métis “Quality of Life” and Bill C-53 are priorities. Hard work on the Regional Council has set the stage for a great future! Set our Citizens up for a better life. We have the resources now. Let’s do it!

Consensus among the councils matters. Our Region 7 Councils and I are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our citizens.

Kindly lend your support to help ensure that all of our Métis Sisters and Brothers who are not connected through social media will be informed and able to practice their right to vote. Our veterans fought valiantly.

A strong Métis Nation starts with strong Métis Communities.

My experience on the Region 7 Council has been invaluable! As the President Elect of the Moon River Métis Council and a member of our Region 7 Council, we have had record meetings, stronger and more productive negotiations, all to the benefit of the Citizens of Region 7. This is what great teamwork can accomplish! A new era of prosperity awaits us. Let’s make plans now for tomorrow!

This is what we are collectively striving for.

Funding Education, Skilled Trades, Entrepreneurship / Housing / Food Security, Safety / Economic Development / The 3 pillars of C-53 / Inclusivity / Accessibility / Sustainability / Inter Community Harvesting Banks / Protecting our Lands, Waters, Harvesting / Culture / Extended Health Care Benefits / Regular Town Halls, Council Visits, Community Gatherings

We aspire.

“Together, building our nation and quality of life for our Métis Sisters and Brothers. Miigwetch, and vote for moving forward, united!” ~ In service, Marc Mantha

Reach out.

Email Marc at

Call/Text 416-272-6293

Vote Marc Mantha

Vote Marc Mantha Region 7 Councillor
Marc Mantha for Regional Councillor. Red Lapel Pin by Master  Métis Beading Artist, Vicki Jenkins.

Your Voice, Your Vote for PCMNO Region 7 Councillor.

I am excited and honored to have been nominated to serve you as the Regional Councillor for Region 7.  I am Marc Mantha, President Elect of the Moon River Métis Council. Our council has accomplished so much in a short time.

We have four councils in our Region 7; Moon River, Barrie South-Simcoe, The Great Lakes, and Georgian Bay. The four Council Presidents and the Regional Councillor are what form our Region 7 Council. I am proud to serve with a great Regional team of constant consensus, a strong united front in the best interests of our Métis citizens. 

2023 has been a record year for meetings, rebuilding and strengthening relationships, with exceptionally successful funding negotiations for you the citizens, for today and tomorrow.  That’s what Métis teamwork can accomplish!

As your Regional Councillor, my priorities are: 

  • Métis Housing, Food Security and Extended Healthcare Benefits, 
  • Invest in our Métis Entrepreneurs and Economic Prosperity, 
  • Bill C-53 Self Government, 
  • Métis Education and Training, Empowering our Youth and Citizens, 
  • Strengthen support for the MNO Women’s Council,  
  • Support the wellbeing of our Seniors and Veterans, 
  • Nurture the Métis Way, Tradition and Culture,  
  • Expand our Harvesting Rights,
  • Consultations on Crown Land Dispositions. 

My resolve for our Nation’s sustainability, well being and prosperity are stronger than ever. 

A bit about me,

  • President Elect Moon River Métis Council. 
  • Member President of GBTTCC (Georgian Bay Traditional Territories Consultation Committee).
  • 20+ years professional success in Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Budget Management for various Corporations / Fiscal Accountability. 
  • Member and Advocate of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Long standing support of the MNO Youth Council, our emerging leaders and caretakers.
  • Métis Food Security – thousands of miles delivering food hampers for our most vulnerable Citizens. 
  • Certificate, Governance – Institute of Corporate Directors and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School for Business Executive Programs. 
  • Governance Training with Métis Nation of Ontario. 
  • Obtained support, funding for Métis food security, and Métis community events.
  • Expertise in community outreach and communications. Collaboration with other organizations to provide food security supplies.
  • Experience in Métis Land, Resources and Harvesting impact and mitigation issues throughout our Region, protecting our lands, waters and harvesting. 
  • Committed to strengthening and protecting the voting rights of our Métis Citizens.
  • Proponent of Métis culture, heritage, rights and Métis way of life.

Our strength lies in our unity, paddling towards our shared goals. 

Miigwetch to our ancestors, the teachers and leaders, past and present, guiding us to our greater potential. 

Voting is a right our forebears fought valiantly for. Honour their legacy.  Exercise your Métis right to vote for the Métis Nation you desire.

I ask for your support, your vote. I am excited, and ready for the work and dedication ahead, to move us all forward in a good way. 

My pledge: “people over politics,” fostering unity, sustainability, prosperity, and culture.

Miigwetch, Maarsii, Thank You.

In service,

Marc Mantha

416-272-6293 Call/Text